About the company

Izumrud scientific and production association is a developer and producer of wood paste / pulp in Russia. After long time of laboratory, research works, tests we have achieved our quality product, and we can say with confidence that paste of our production does not concede and even surpasses world brands of this product.

Wood paste (pulp)

These ideal raw materials for a furniture decor, and its price is lower than the wooden analogs having property and characteristics of natural wood. The product is so universal and simple in use that it does not need additional processing and the help of highly qualified specialists. Having all the characteristics and properties of natural wood (thanks to the structure from wood dust with addition of softeners and solvents), the pulp can brag of the affordable price, durability and practicality in application, possibility of application on any surface, regardless of the form and roughness of the basis. It is very plastic and flexible material of which it is possible to make any detail. Skilled masters have been already working with paste as it is a pleasure to work with such a material, to show the creative potential even in the most intricate form. Wood paste is successfully applied in creation of various products, such as: a decor at windows, doors, facades, baguettes, eaves, ladders, various panels and many other things.




Our products differ in very high quality.


High speed of products production.


Counter to high quality, low cost of products.

Environmental friendliness

Environmentally friendly product, waste-free production.